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Posted May 9th 2011 5:24PM

Over at DLR they have successfully combined software and hardware to give the nimble Rollin' Justin robot the coordination to catch balls tossed in its direction.

Posted March 6th 2010 4:08PM

Researchers at Osaka University have developed a new robot called M3-neony. The name M3-neony M3-neony's is derived from the word neonate and the robot is designed to simulate the behavior of a baby to shed light on motor skill development. M3-neony is equipped with a pair of CMOS cameras for sight and microphones for hearing, gyro and accelerometer sensors, and tactile sensors which allow it to crawl around looking as cute as robotically possible.

Source - Engadget
Its awesome!

Posted February 20th 2010 5:51PM

In this epic whirlwind talk Kevin Kelly explores the meaning and significance of technology - from its impact at the personal level to its place in the cosmos.

Posted January 12th 2010 11:39PM

Open-source 3D printers are on the rise! MakerBot's Cupcake CNC 3-D Printer was on display at CES 2010 this year and at a price of $950.00 this early in the technology's development I expect the price to continue to drop and over this decade to see a 3D printer in nearly every home.

Source - Wired
Posted December 8th 2009 3:04PM

Kawada Industries, Inc has developed a new industrial robot set to replace the few remaining humans on the assembly line. The robot is called NEXTAGE and it consists of a dexterous upper-body equipped with stereo cameras in its head and hands to help it inspect and manipulate objects with the aid of advanced vision technology.
Posted November 6th 2009 4:21PM

Augmented reality promises to add an extra dimension to every day objects by joining them with digital information in real time through a phone connected to the internet. The technology is still in its infancy, but the prospects are monumental.

Source - NewScientist
Posted October 19th 2009 10:04PM

A team of scientists from Italy and Sweden have developed what is believed to be the first artificial hand capable of feeling. It has been attached to the arm of a 22-year-old man who lost his own hand through cancer. The arm works by connecting human nerve endings with tiny electronic sensors.
Posted October 16th 2009 8:45PM

Max Blumenthal comments on his new book "Republican Gomorrah", which investigates the pathology of the republican party and exposes the bizarre sadomasochism that seems to be an undercurrent to their beliefs.
Posted October 12th 2009 12:42AM

I had an idea recently about the relationship between different political parties so I charted it out see if visualizing it would help make sense of anything. I came up with this Radial Scale of Political Convergence. According to this chart each political faction has three motivating factors.

The factors are:
Trust: (Ideology - Altruism)

This is a belief that people are inherently compassionate. Withstanding any operating forces that may prevent them from helping each other, people will go out of their way to alleviate suffering experienced around them. Contributing to the common good is rewarding and people will extend themselves if they believe what they are doing is beneficial to the greater society.

Distrust: (Ideology - Egotism)
This derives from the fundamental belief that people are inherently selfish. Whenever possible people will opportunistically take advantage of each other, so they can't be relied on for support unless there are personal gains rewarded for their actions. Ultimately everyone is responsible for fulfilling only their own needs.

Capitalize: (Ideology - Laissez-faire)
A person's worth and subsequent wealth should be determined by their ability to secure resources for themselves according to the operating forces of the price system. Individual ownership of goods, services, property, and ideas is paramount. Any intervention to the free market is considered counterproductive and all earnings within the market are perceived to be deserved.

Communalize: (Ideology - Communism)
All societal resources should be commonly owned and the resulting production made available to everyone according to their needs. Efficiency and the true value of goods is maintained because outside of the profit motive there are few incentives for overproduction or inflation.

Preserve: (Ideology - Positive Liberty)
Belief that the current mode of government is effective when operated with sufficient competence. Through marginal reforms according to the prescribed democratic process, politicians are responsible for enacting legislation that strengthens the government while serving (placating) the needs of the people.

Revolt: (Ideology - Negative Liberty)
Whenever there are conditions that segregate, disenfranchise, or disproportionately empower people action must be taken to overthrow those systems. Any institutionalization of injustice is intolerable and will be absolutely opposed.

Posted September 19th 2009 8:49PM

The hilarious comedy of "Those Aren't Muskets" has at last arrived on the forefront of robotic technology. Many of the robots featured in this clip can be found within the Communist Robot Database. Don't be alarmed however, despite the claims they mean us no harm.
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