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RoboSapien V2

  • Country: China
  • Manufacturer: Wow Wee Toys
  • Year: 2005
  • Height: 2'1in (63.5cm)
  • Weight: 6lbs (2.72kg)
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RoboSapien V2 is a toy-like biomorphic robot designed by Mark Tilden, a former robotic physicist from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and produced by Wow Wee toys. The RoboSapien V2 is preprogrammed with moves, and can operate autonomously or be controlled by an included infrared remote control, by a personal computer with the help of an infrared transmitter, or from an infrared equipped PDA.

The robot is capable of walking without the assistance of wheels on his feet, grasping objects with either hand and throwing them, and has several different caveman vocalizations. The remote control has 28 different buttons. With the help of the shift button, the user has access to 100 different commands that the robot can execute.

Because RoboSapien V2 was engineered using BEAM robotics and has no microprocessor, it is designed to be easily modified or hacked. The electronics inside are easily accessed and are clearly labeled. A growing community of hackers have devoted themselves to adding new functionality to the robot. Some hacks have added a live video camera; others an LED belt that displays text, headlights, speech synthesis and more.

Apart from the obvious external improvements over the original RoboSapien, RoboSapien V2 is also capable of: