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Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot

  • Country: Korea
  • Manufacturer: Samsung Techwin Co.
  • Year: 2006
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The Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot was developed by a group of four institutions lead by Samsung Techwin Co. and Korea University over three years at a cost of some $10 million in government and private funds.

The Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot can detect, raise the alarm, and provide suppressive fire with its top mounted K-3 machine gun. This weapons-grade robot is the first robot to have surveillance, tracking, firing, and voice recognition systems built into a single unit.

Hundreds of these robots may be deployed along the 155-mile-long (248 kilometer) demilitarized zone bisecting the two Koreas as well as along the country's coastline and at military airfields by the end of 2007.

With modifications, they could also be used to guard civilian installations such as airports, power stations, and oil pipelines.

Equipped with visual and infra-red detection capabilities, the sentry robot can spot moving objects up to four kilometers (2.5 miles) away during the day and half that distance at night. Via "pattern recognition," it can distinguish between humans, cars, or trees at two kilometers in daytime and one kilometer at night.

The robot can challenge a person who comes within 10 meters and give warning if it detects an intruder. All of this can be done automatically or through a link-up with a human controller who can operate 16 robots simultaneously.

Each robot costs 190 million won ($200,000 US) and the developers expect to sell around $200 million worth in 2007.

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