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Humanoid Robotics Projects 2

  • Country: Japan
  • Manufacturer: AIST
  • Year: 2003
  • Height: 5ft (154cm)
  • Weight: 127lbs (58kg)
  • Degrees of Freedom: 30
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The HRP was initially developed as part of a five-year program launched by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 1998, under the project leader, Mr. Hirochika Inoue, Professor of Tokyo University. The project goal was a first-generation robot that could work in human environments and use human tools. At least three different prototype HRP?s were created before the project was completed in 2003: the HRP-1S, HRP-2P, and the HRP-2. General Robotix picked up where METI left off and has commercialized the HRP series with the further developed HRP-3 model expected to go on sale in 2006.

The HRP-2 has a new 3D vision system, named ?VVV? for Versatile Volumetric Vision, which replaced the more common single head mounted camera with four high precision color cameras. Not only does this improve the robots vision, it enables it see with greater accuracy and an expanded field of view.

Along with the VVV system enhancements, laser based distance measuring equipment was built into the robot?s head. This allows it to build a 2 dimensional map of its environment for comparison with the VVV system?s visual input, so it can easily avoid obstacles ? even when they have been moved.

The narrow design of the legs allows one leg to be put in front of the other - in theory; the HRP could walk on a narrow plank or through very narrow spaces. It uses two 1GHz onboard computers for control, and has three visual sensors.

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