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This is a comparative timeline for the history of Aviation, Computers, and Robotics. These three industries have had a profound effect on modern civilization and represent some of man's most amazing technological achievements. These industries also share a similar time-scale between stages of technological advancement. On average all three industries have 30 years between their Invention and Commercialization, 18 years from Commercialization to their first significant technological Breakthrough, and 20 years from that Breakthrough to the Apex of that technology - an accomplishment that stands as a milestone for all humankind.

Click ?Next? to proceed though this article in sequential order or select each header manually to read the articles individually. The timeline along the top displays the dates for the selected industry while the numbers along the left represent the number of years between each technological advancement. The later developments for computers and robotics are projections based on their time-scale?s relationship to the industry of aviation as well as Moore?s law and Raymond Kurzweil law of accelerating returns.

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