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1) What is Communist Robot?
2) Why Communist?
3) Are you Communist?
4) What is the Revolution?
5) Can I post my own news?
6) Where can I find more information on relevent issues?

Q: What is Communist Robot?

A: Communist Robot is a site designed to organize and present information on robots and other up-coming technologies that will likely have significant ramifications on the future of society. It has daily robot news, the world's largest humanoid robot database, and revolutionary articles pertaining to the up-coming Robot, Space, and Fusion Revolution.

As this site is relatively new, features are still being added on an almost daily basis. The Robot News Blog on the main page has recently become user submittable, so anyone with interesting robot related information is encouraged to post at will. We are currently working on making the Robot Database user submittable as well and intend to one day add a user submittable video game review section. In time the news blog on the main page will expand to include more than just robot news, eventually including other topics such as Gadgets, Entertainment, and User Blogs, all of which will be completely user submittable.

User submittability is an important aspect of this site as it is designed to be a community resource and a place for roboticists and futurists to collaborate in an effort to create the future of our dreams.

Q: Why Communist?

A: This site is called Communist Robot to draw attention to significant technological, economic, and political issues that if ignored could lead to the demise of not only the United States, but every country with significant investment in Capitalism. This site is made by United States citizens with a genuine concern for their country and a belief that as robotic technology reaches commercial viability over the next 50 years that a new Communist threat will arise and jeopardize the stability of Capitalist nations, particularly the United States.

The term Communist Robot is in reference to the robot-like assimilation that Communist parties of the past have demanded from their followers. The stifling of creativity and religious expression, the loss of personal identity, and the slave-like labor conditions inflicted on citizens living under Communist rule is completely wrong and unsuitable for human beings, but if humans were removed from the equation and these conditions were applied to a robot labor force it really wouldn't be half bad.

This seemingly radical scenario may actually become a possibility over the next 50 years as robotic technology drastically improves and becomes a universally cheaper alternative to human labor. Under these conditions Capitalists will have to devise some alternate method of distributing income, as many people will find themselves unemployed as robots take their jobs, and even though they may be able to find employment in some unknown future industry, is that really what's best under these circumstances?

If robots were capable of performing virtually every job that exists today, couldn't people take a break? Relax, take some time off, enjoy their lives and maybe start work on some project they always wanted to get around to but never really had the time. Instead of working along side robots, competing with them for employment - let robots have the jobs, let them complete the industrial machine and leave humans to pursue more personally satisfying creative endeavors like art, entertainment, science, or philosophy. Those are human industries and some economic system needs to be devised to freely encourage them.

Communism is an economic system designed to evenly distribute resources to an entire population, if robots take the crappy labor jobs and the resources generated by those industries are evenly distributed throughout the population, the Communist economic system might finally work for a change. Conversely if Capitalists don't give people a break when robots take their jobs it will be aggravating as some of the world relaxes while robots work for them and Capitalists continue to work in competition with their robotic counterparts.

Q: Are you Communist?

A: No, the site Communist Robot was founded by United States citizens firmly rooted in the Capitalist economic system. Capitalism and its rewards are the driving force behind the rapid technological progress of the last 50 years and the benefits of world trade have united the world in a way never before possible.

Though we are Capitalists we can admit that our system has flaws that may be exploited as new technologies are developed that favor alternate methods of income distribution. Both Capitalism and Communism are economic models based on scarcity, technological advancements generate efficiency which leads to an abundance of goods that is regulated economically by marking up prices around a minimum wage to generate a false sense of scarcity. As robots reach commercial viability and technology reaches a point of super efficiency the only actual scarcity left will be the natural scarcity of land, raw materials, and energy. Under these conditions an alternate economic model could be applied that focuses on preserving these resources and further maximizing our returns. For a good example of an efficient energy based economy check out the North American science of Technocracy at http://www.technocracy.org

Q: What is the Revolution?

A: Robots, Space, and Fusion will be the keystones of future society. Robots will replace human labor and elevate humanity into a state of classless freedom. Through the abundance generated by technological super efficiency everything created by robots will basically be free of charge, the only scarcity left will be the natural scarcity of land and raw materials. Since Earth's resources are limited, to circumvent this problem Space mines will be set up throughout the solar system. An alternative to terrestrial living as an answer to land scarcity could be space stations capable of supporting a portion of Earth's population. All of this will require a tremendous amount of energy and Nuclear Fusion in combination with solar, wind, and geothermal energy will be the likely source of this power.

This concept is known as the RSF Revolution, it is the backbone of this site and though it may seem like science-fiction it could all be possible within the next 50 years. Our goal is to draw social awareness to this possibility and stimulate action towards the generation of a more progressive system as Capitalism begins to loose its functionality. The technologies and the problems they present will develop naturally, it's the solutions and the social changes required for this future to be possible that will require a revolution.

Q: Can I post my own news?

A: Yes you can! Click here to learn how.

Q: Where can I find more information on relevent issues?

A: Learn more about earths resources at partnerregions.org.

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