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Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility

  • Country: Japan
  • Manufacturer: Honda
  • Year: 2000
  • Height: 4ft (120cm)
  • Weight: 119lbs (54kg)
  • Degrees of Freedom: 26
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ASIMO was the world?s first advanced humanoid robot and in many respects the beginning of what we here at Communist Robot fondly refer to as ?The Future.?

2005 ASIMO ? Working class

Older models of ASIMO exist as technical showcases for Honda?s impressive robotic advances over the last decade but serve no function greater than their presentation for amusement. The new 2005 ASIMO breaks away from existence as a novelty and moves into professional application with the functional capacity of an office lackey or well-trained monkey. ASIMO is now capable of delivering coffee, relaying messages, pushing carts, navigating stairs, getting up on its own, and running at about 4 miles per hour (6kph). Honda will begin employing ASIMO units as receptionists at their main offices in the spring of 2006 and shortly thereafter begin renting ASIMO?s out for 20 million yen ($166,000) per year.

To help ASIMO function in office environments, Honda has developed a telecommunication card. The card stores and wirelessly communicates personal information so ASIMO can uniquely identify its coworkers. ASIMO also uses a mix of voice and face recognition to confirm identity.

The new ASIMO can also detect forces in its arms. This allows it to apply pressure to push carts while balancing, as well as detect when a human has grabbed an object it is holding so it knows when to let go. It also allows ASIMO to hold hands and let a human guide its motion.

ASIMO is not a toy; it?s designed to serve as a human helper - to work around the house, help the elderly, or aid someone confined to a wheelchair. ASIMO?s 4ft height (120cm) is just right for looking eye to eye with someone seated in a chair. This allows ASIMO to do its job without being too big and menacing.

2004 ASIMO ? Running Model

In December of 2004 Honda introduced an updated version of ASIMO that along with an improved body design and a longer lasting battery (1 hour), it was capable of running at nearly 2 miles an hour (3kpm). It accomplished this by means of a new hip joint, which allowed it to rock its torso while moving. In addition, the 2004 ASIMO had individually opposable thumbs allowing it to grasp objects and sense force when a human held its hand. This coupled with ASIMO?s ability to navigate its environment without having to repeatedly reconstruct an internal map, distinguish people from obstacles, and its ability to recognize voices, faces, and hand gestures brought ASIMO one step closer to commercial viability.

2002 ASIMO X2 ? Advanced face recognition

The ASIMO X2 shows advanced face recognition, coupled with voice and hand gestures. This is most likely the result of collaborative research with scientists at CMU?s Robotics Institute.

2000 ASIMO

ASIMO, the worlds most advances humanoid robot makes its debut in the year 2000. The name ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, and is pronounced ?ashimo? in Japanese, meaning ?legs also? (from Japanese "??"). This little robot is the result of 14 years of dedicated scientific research done by Honda into the mechanics of bipedal locomotion. About 40 of the old 2000 model ASIMO?s are currently touring the world in promotional capacity.

Who Doesn't Love Asimo?
Posted August 22nd 2006 9:55PM

I'd like to dedicate the new robot comment system to Asimo, the greatest robot (in my opinion) to have been created. Cheers buddy.
Mass Production
Posted August 23rd 2006 6:35AM

When is this thing going to be mass produced? Toyota's robot is supposedly going to be mass produced in 2010.
Asimo's out there
Posted August 23rd 2006 2:46PM

I don't know when/if Asimo will go on sale but it's available for rent at the low consumer friendly price of $166,000 per year. A few Asimo's have already been put to work as receptionists in the Honda main offices in Japan. There are about 40 of the old 2000 models currently touring the world in a promotional capacity and there is even one at Disneyland that performs four times a day.
Posted August 24th 2006 5:33AM

I think Honda plans to mass produce ASIMO too. It's just a question of when. It will probably be when the technology is about as cheap as a car. When Toyota mass produces robots, Honda may have pressure to mass produce.

"In the initial stages, Toyota will develop a type of receptionist-robot that can offer drinks for customers while determining their preferences on cars. These robots will be placed in Toyota's 5,000 sales outlets across the nation."

A robot company said mass production would substantially lower cost.

Honda has had ads on ASIMO.
example: http://www.marshallbrain.com/gif/asimo-ad.jpg
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