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Posted November 16th 2008 9:54PM

I was recently fortunate enough to attend a lecture by Antonia Juhasz author of "The Tyranny of Oil" which details the atrocities committed by the petroleum industry and its historic connection to basically every major war in modern history.

I recommend reading the book, but the video "Blood and Oil" gives an overview of the same topic covered by "The Tyranny of Oil".

All of this is especially relevant as Chevron is currently in the middle of a land-mark trail for murdering Nigerian protesters in 1998.

Thermal depolymerization
Posted November 25th 2008 4:54PM

Thermal depolymerization (TDP) is a process using hydrous pyrolysis for the reduction of complex organic materials (usually waste products of various sorts, often known as biomass and plastic) into light crude oil.
It mimics the natural geological processes thought to be involved in the production of fossil fuels.
Under pressure and heat, long chain polymers of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon decompose into short-chain petroleum hydrocarbons with a maximum length of around 18 carbons.

We can make as much oil as we need... but we probably do not need much in a technocratic culture. The process above just uses what ever carbon source... from lawn trimmings to rendering plant waste to make oil.
The quality is much higher than natural oil. The process of making oil this way produces no CO2... and it creates lots of clean potable water at the same time.

The Price System oil scam has gone on long enough.

Given that currently we use 1/3rd. of the energy grid in the U.S.---- How is it that we are not driving electric cars.?.?. and using electric trains?
Special interest groups care to make money.
That is ALL they care about.

A scientific creative process of running a land area can be a reality if enough people know and understand that idea ... and most importantly... if we want to survive... we may go to that type of plan by default, to survive the coming sustainability resource crisis.
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