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Posted January 31st 2009 11:07PM

Kiva Systems has developed a robotic sorting and storage system that brings tremendous efficiency to warehouse operations. In total, they've installed more than 1,000 bots at a dozen warehouses and are growing quickly. By the end of this year, they expect single locations to have systems with 1,000 of the machines.

Energy slaves
Posted February 4th 2009 2:26PM

A kilowatt hour will do the work of a manhour for a few cents. Hence fewer and fewer 'man-hours'. Technology and energy conversion destroy the Price System.
Kind of cool
Posted February 27th 2009 10:55PM

I found out about these being used at a Staples facility while looking for robotics-related things near Chambersburg. It's kind of neat to find robots being used like this so near where I live, although it's not like I actualy get to see them in person or anything. I guess I'll just need to start up a robotics group myself if I want to have one here.
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